The committee responsible for the celebration is responsible for organizing and planning the Franco-Ontarian day.The committee also works in collaboration with other francophone organizations in the region to organize and conduct activities related to the Fiesta.


L’ACFO Durham-Peterborough souhaite à tous et à chacun un joyeux 25 septembre 2020, Journée des Franco-Ontariennes et des Franco-Ontariens. Vive la francophonie! ⚜️☘️


The Raising of the Franco-Ontarian Flag brings together local students, organizations and individuals to proudly raise their flag on Franco-Ontarian Day. This event takes place in 3 different locations in our region: A Bowmanville, Whitby and Peterborough. This is a great way to show the cohesion and solidarity of our Francophone community and ensure the future of our region. 


The ACFO Durham-Peterborough is proud to always be present at the Oshawa Fiesta Parade to launch the cultural week with the French Canadian pavilion.Francophone organizations in the Durham Region have the opportunity to join other communities in celebrating the richness and cultural diversity of our region.